Pretty Bad Girls

Where you appear, everything starts to tingle and to sparkle. You fascinate, confuse and enchant with your stories, your sharp opinion, elegance and disarming humor. Pretty Bad Girl, I cannot keep up with you, because you are always in motion, your body directed to the sun.

Which of the three can you most relate to?

Each of the three ‘Girls’ has her own distinct personality: Gigi is the artist – a strong, resilient, free spirited, world traveler. Somewhat sharp-tonged at times, but always the life of the party. Nicole is the entrepreneur. She’s mischievous and witty, somewhat more reserved yet commands attention in a different way – she’s the personification of sophistication and elegance. And then there’s ‘Business #1‘- Ursula. Raw unbridled energy, an unstoppable force of nature. She’s the master of combining business and pleasure….

Which of the Pretty Bad Girls do you invite into your home?

If you would like to invite one of them into your home, please note that whichever one you choose, it can be customized to your taste. You get to choose the skin tone, the color of her dress and the base upon which she stands. Everything is possible.


Gigi, Nicole and Ursula are casted in neolith and hand-painted with acrylic lacquer. The stone base is offered in a variety of materials: marble, alabaster and serpentine. Similarly, the material used to attach the girls to the base comes in two varieties: metal wire or plexiglass tube.


The Pretty Bad Girl is approximately 24 cm tall.


Price on request

For more information on the range of options available and their corresponding prices, please contact me.

Prizes are excl. 9% VAT

You are invited to come along with Nicole, Gigi and Ursula

Is your Dutch good enough? Then immerse yourself in the world of Gigi, Nicole and Ursula. Enjoy yourself with their stories of ‘uncomfortable situations’, love adventures and suprising encounters. And that’s not all…. they also put you to work! Never a dull day, click here and have fun!