My life, my Muse

You feel it instantaneously when my statue belongs to you… It’s that sizzling feeling of ‘love at first sight’ when you come across a statue that magically transports you to another realm. You suddenly have the urge to touch it, caress it, possess it.

I see and sense your moment of ‘first love’. Exactly that, fuels my passion for doing what I do.

Aleid Uhl

Demolishing and building, that’s my oxygen

I am formally trained as a sculptor in Italy and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium. In The Netherlands I have been working as a professional stonemason, restoring 17th Century monumental buildings and ornaments. It is my joy and a very big privilege to add some beauty to the world, day after day.

My work is included in private collections in Europe, North America and the Middle East. I have shown my body of work in various galleries and exhibitions in The Netherlands and Canada.

Registered visual artist:

Center for Visual Arts (CBK Rotterdam)

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Art donor circle, financially supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture and by various prominent art foundations in The Netherlands.

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