Icon, when you’re around, everything starts to tingle and to sparkle. You fascinate, confuse and enchant with your stories, your sharp opinion, elegance and disarming humor. ICON, you are… always in motion, surrounded by the light.

I am Icon, who are you?

Gigi – artist

Hi, I am Gigi – artist. The strong, resilient, free spirited, world traveler. I love to entertain you with my adventurous stories. My boundless sensuality might attract you, but be careful, don’t come too close, my sharp edges may injure you. I wear dazzling Yves Saint Laurent.

Nicole – Social entrepreneur

I am Nicole – social entrepreneur. Mischievous and witty. My playful, quick brain walks on a variety of ‘colorful paths’. That results in surprising encounters which enable me to enrich the lives of those around me. Together we can make the world a more beautiful place to live in. I dare… that’s why I wear Gucci.

“Business #1” Ursula

Here I am, “Business #1” Ursula. With my raw, untamable character I am an unstoppable force of nature. Unfiltered, just, energetic and always true to myself. I am the master of combining business and pleasure. What I wear? Chanel. What else?

Who belongs to you: Gigi, Nicole, Ursula?


Gigi, Nicole and Ursula are casted in neolith and hand-painted with acrylic lacquer. Size: approximately 24 cm tall. The stone base is offered in a variety of materials: marble, granite, alabaster and serpentine. The material, used to attach the Icons to the base, comes in two varieties: metal wire or a plexiglass tube.

Everything is possible

Would you like your own ‘custom designed’ Icon, casted in bronze? Or your Icon wearing her dress in your favorite color? It’s all possible! Please contact me.


Price upon request

You are invited on a roadtrip … with Nicole, Gigi and Ursula

Is your Dutch good enough? Then immerse yourself in the world of Gigi, Nicole and Ursula. Icons, just like you, showing their inner wealth, passion, focus and tenacity. You get the best out of yourself and the world around you. You dare to show your vulnerability, work hard, and take risks. Demonstrating flexibility, because you want to, or because you have to. Whatever the outcome of your choice is, you feel responsible for the steps you take, and the traces you leave behind. Your experiences have made you the person you are today. Life is your ultimate teacher. You are the one, opening doors to boundless opportunities.

Enjoy yourself with our stories about ‘uncomfortable situations’, love adventures and surprising encounters. And that’s not all…. we also put you to work! Never a dull day, click here and have fun!


Gigi, Nicole and Ursula